End of Year Process

End of Year Process

Access: Payable Administrators

There are a number of tasks that you can complete to ensure you Kindo Payable pages are up to date, and contain the current information only, for both you and your families.

At the end of year, please ensure you have;

  1. Retire outstanding payables
  2. Move payables to Kindo Payables Historic
  3. Update your Payable Apply list
  4. Tidy up Groups
Please visit Tidying up and retiring payables for more information.

On Payable Maintenance page, please also ensure you have; 
  1. Disabling a rule


Our Kindo helpdesk is open 8am to 4pm weekdays.

Freephone: 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636)

Email: helpdesk@kindo.co.nz

Online support: support.kindo.co.nz
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