Enable and Disable Items

Enable and Disable Items

Access: Service Administrator

Enable and Disable Items

You can select particular items to be hidden and visible within a service.

On the partner site, select service manager

Select a service to view items available.

Remember you can set dates for the service. This date will apply to all the items listed in the service. For more information, please visit - Setting service dates or Setting special closure dates.

You can change the order of your items. For more information, please visit - Changing the order of your items

Click on the arrow to enable and disable items.

Items that are ticked will be visible to caregivers. Items with no tick will not be visible.

Select items you would like visible or hidden from caregivers. 

Save & Publish to make changes visible on your shop site. 

You can hide a whole service. For more information, please visit Disabling a home page service.

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