What is Xero Rapid Integration with Kindo?

What is Xero Rapid Integration with Kindo?

Access: Payable Administrators

While other systems have Xero integrations, this one is so quick, we’ve had to insert ‘rapid’ into the name! It outstrips others hands down – no matching, no batching – just click “Create Xero Invoice” and your Kindo payment for the day or week will be instantly coded correctly... as a draft invoice ready for your approval.
Kindo collates multiple payments into one large deposit
Kindo reduces the reconciliation workload in accounting systems, by collating individual bank payments into a large single batch payment that is sent to the school each day or week. Automatically coded and sorted for easy reporting, instead of the school having to keep track of hundreds of individual payments.
Create your Xero draft invoice in seconds
With one click of a button from Kindo, your Xero draft invoice will be created. Your invoice will be automatically broken down and sorted into categories by Kindo.  All you need to do is match the invoice total with the Kindo deposit received for the day or week. Ledger codes that you’ve added onto Kindo items during setup will display in Xero alongside total amounts received. The Kindo fee and any cash you’ve entered via Kindo POS will be handled correctly. Even refunds will be set up within the draft invoice.
There’s no need to spend hours coding multiple individual student deposits in Xero.
Kindo dramatically reduces the administrative burden!

Take a look at the 28 second walk through – this is actually ALL it takes! (Although if you want to be an Auditor's dream client, you could attach the emailed payment reports as well).

It's simple to get started.
  1. Email helpdesk@kindo.co.nz – they will reply with some quick questions.
  2. Reply with your answers.
  3. Kindo team will get things set up and you will see the Xero button appear in your menu.
  4. You will get a confirmation email and can begin the setting up process.
The first time you click Xero, you need to specify the account for Kindo fees etc. After that, it is literally 1, 2, 3, GO… job done less than one minute. Don’t worry, we have a support guide for you - Kindo Payables and Xero Rapid Integration.


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