Creating your Kindo Community Shop

Creating your Kindo Community Shop

We appreciate schools often have events and items, such as school productions, fundraising quiz nights and calendar art, that the wider community may want to support. Kindo Community Shop allows those without a student at the school to shop for items and take part in fundraisers, opening up the opportunity for more people to support your school, and simplifying administration.

The Kindo Community Shop will automatically be available and looks like this. The school name, logo and image will be copied across from your existing Kindo School Shop - so all you need to do is add items and send out the link to your community.

Adding Items to your Community Shop

When you are setting up a service for your Kindo School Shop, simply 'tick' to include this on the Community Shop too. The service will contain all of the items that you set up for your school shop.
Note: You cannot add items to Community Shop without having them also display on the School Shop. 

Your community shop is automatically created, however you will need to let your wider community know that it's there!
It will have a different link, that you can add to external notices and posters as a URL, or turn it into a short URL or QR code using one of the widely available online tools.

To find the link for your Community Shop, on the Service Editor click 'Generate shareable link' and copy the Community Shop link.


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