Xero Integration - video guide

Xero Integration - video guide


Kindo has always reduced the reconciliation workload in accounting systems, by collating individual bank payments into a large single batch payment per day or week.
Now, through the Kindo integration with Xero, we are taking it one step further.
Click "Create Xero invoice"... and it's done.

  1. Ledger codes that you've added into Kindo items during setup, will display in Xero alongside total amounts received.
  2. The Kindo fee and any cash you've entered via Kindo POS will be handled correctly.
  3. Even refunds will be set up with the draft invoice.
  4. There's no individual student deposits and no coding required.
The draft invoice will then be available and ready for your approval. Attach your weekly PDF and CSV Detail reports and you'll be an auditor's dream client!

For more information, please visit - Kindo Administrator Support | Xero Integration Knowledge Base

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