Sports Questions examples

Sports Questions examples

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It's very easy to add questions to your items, effectively creating a registration form. Examples of Sports Questions you could use follow.


If you are attending a one-off sporting event, e.g. cluster sports, you may need to organise transport. Here are some examples of the types of questions you might want to use:


You can include questions about sharing communication info, medical information, coaching and managing.

Sometimes it's more efficient to ask two questions in one, e.g. asking if they can coach and, if yes, to enter contact details.


If you are considering using photos on Social Media or your school website, it's a good idea to add in permission for this (unless the school already has a general policy in place).


If you have considerations around uniforms you can also add these to your form.


When families log onto your Kindo Shop to register for a sport, the questions will come up before they can add the item to their cart. A mix of yes/no, date and text answers can be given depending on what you chose when setting up the form.

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