Printing a statement for the caregiver

Printing a statement for the caregiver

Access: Payable Administrators

A statement showing outstanding payables is available to print for a caregiver on the POS page at any time. The statement will list all students associated with the account, and include itemised outstanding payables as well as the total amount outstanding for each student.

1.    Start by typing the student’s first or last name and select the correct student from the list that appears.

2.    Select the Statement  icon next to the caregiver you are printing the statement for. The statement will automatically appear in a new browsing tab.

3. The on screen statement will show all outstanding payables on the caregiver account for all students linked to that account.

4. Select Printable PDF option to view the version to print.

5. Use standard browser printing options to print the statement for the caregiver.

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